LiMM Therapeutics is the first company harnessing the potential of neuronal regulation of Innate Lymphoid Cells (ILC) to tackle unmet medical needs.

LiMM is a biopharmaceutical company harnessing the molecular cross-talk between neuronal and innate lymphoid cells within peripheral tissues, bridging neural sensing and immunology discoveries to unlock therapeutic solutions for the benefit of patients. By decoding the language of the neuroimmune cross-talk, LiMM is developing first-in-class therapeutic products – NRILs: neuronal reprogrammers of innate lymphocytes – to preserve health and treat inflammatory, infectious and metabolic diseases.

Sector: Biotech
Address: Rua da Quintinha, nº 54, r/c, Lisboa, Portugal


Total Amount: 2M€
200M Fund Amount: 800.000€
Co-investor: Seventure Partners
Stage: Seed
Region: Lisbon
Investment Date: april.2019




Total Amount: 1.550.000€
200M Fund Amount: 550.000€
Co-investor: Seventure Partners
Stage: Pre-Series A
Region: Lisbon
Investment Date: October.2020