EatTasty is a lunch delivery platform with different recipes everyday, free delivery and cutlery. EatTasty doesn ́t have kitchens. All the meal’s production and delivery are completely outsourced. Production is placed at restaurant ́s off-peak times (morning) with only one meal ID per day, with large quantities and only with one pick up. EatTasty operates with fixed routes. All the meals are designed and tested by EatTasty ́s Chef in order to be delivered and consumed in perfect conditions.

Setor: E-commerce
Morada: Rua Padre Joaquim Gomes Machado, 4, Vermoim,
Famalicão, Portugal


Total Amount: 1.735M€
200M Fund Amoun: 650.000€
Co-investors: Indico Capital Partners; Inverpeninsular Sl (Grupo Ibersol)
Stage: Early Stage
Region: North
Investment Date: December 2019