Founded in 2018, Codavel developed “Bolina”, a new end-to-end protocol specially designed for wireless communications. It maintains high speed regardless of latency and packet loss, being 2x up to 3x faster than standard protocols.

Codavel proposes to:

– Shield every user from link instability – improve app performance with an SDK that controls the network end-to-end, regardless of link conditions;

– Speed up mobile content delivery – speed up any type of content, even the ones that can’t be cached;

– Optimize the infrastructure management – deliver content worldwide from a single location or place the servers in more economical regions, reducing infrastructure costs and complexity.

Setor: ICT
Adress: Rua da Constituição, n.º 346/358, piso 2, sala 95, 4200-192 Porto


Total Amount: 1,3M€
200M Fund Amount: 500.000€
Co-investors: Armilar Venture Partners
Stage: Seed
Region: Porto
Investment date: april 2020