200M FUND| New applications and already on the way to 50M€ investment supported

With the important changes approved by the Government to the decree constitution law of the 200M Fund, the universe of its potential co-investors was expanded.
On the other hand, the Fund continues to receive new applications from around the world (see investors nationalities on the map below).
The 20 applications submitted represent around 80 million euros of total planned investment in Portuguese startups and are expected to create over 1500 jobs.
In august, the Investment Committee approved 3 new transactions (BarkynEatTasty and a third one to be announced shortly) with a total investment value of 15 million euros, of which about 6 million euros are invested by the 200M Fund.
These new investments add to those already made in Biosurfit, 360onlineprint and LiMM Therapeutics, totaling around 50 million euros of total investment.
The 200M is available for investments from 1M € and up to 10M €.
The Fund co-invests up to 50% of the total amount.