200M Fund coinvests in Didimo

Didimo is the 200M Fund’s new investment, in a total round of 1 million euros in partnership with Armilar Venture Partners and Bright Pixel.

Born at Porto’s University, Didimo developed an innovative technology to create high-fidelity digital humans in just 30 seconds, from a photo or scan to your smartphone and that can be applied to various sectors such as retail, entertainment, gaming and virtual collaboration.

For Marco Fernandes, CEO of PME Investimentos, the managing entity of 200M, the team’s expertise and “the partnership with two of the best technology investors in Portugal are strong reasons to co-invest in Didimo and, in this way, the 200M Fund makes another contribution to the Portuguese ecosystem ”.

Didimo now joins a portfolio that includes life sciences, medical and digital technology/e-commerce companies, totaling around 97 million euros in global investment approved by the Investment Committee, out of an estimated total investment that may reach 120 million euros in the short term.

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