200M Fund co-invests on 360imprimir

In co-investment with LeadX (Metro Group, Germany), Omnes Capital (France) and Pathena (Portugal), the 200M Fund, managed by PME Investimentos, participated in an 18 million euros investment round in 360imprimir, an e-commerce platform based on a fabless business model, focused on do-it-yourself for customers.

With a turnover of 21 million euros, an increase of nearly 80% over the previous year and a forecast to earn 35 million euros in 2019, this investment enables 360imprimir to start a new phase of recruitment in the company, creating more than 100 qualified jobs, to join the current team of 200 people.

This new round of capital will also allow to leverage the company’s operations in Portugal, expand the range of products and invest in technology and R & D.

To Marco Fernandes, CEO at PME Investimentos, “the growth plan presented by the company, the high profile of the private co-investors in this round, as well as the sustainability presented by the company in recent years, were key elements in the investment decision of the 200M Fund. This case, like the other two co-investments already accomplished, symbolizes well the main goals of the 200M Fund, designed to attract qualified investors in technology and to fill the capital financing gap in the growth of startups in Portugal, the so-called A and B series, where needs are generally well above seed investment values.

To Paula Ferreira, Head of Funds at PME Investimentos, “one operation such as this recognizes all the work carried out over the last 10 years by PME Investimentos on behalf of the portuguese venture capital market, and it is very grateful to see accomplished the goals proposed by 200M, namely by the mobilization of three co-investors of enormous relevance in terms of investments made in companies in IT / e-commerce area, which will allow to give a boost to the company’s growth and expansion. ”

The 200M Fund, managed by PME Investimentos and co-financed by the European Union through Portugal 2020 leveraged, invested in 3 companies up to the end of April 2019: Biosurfit, with a total amount of 10M€ in partnership with the sweden corporate Boule Diagnostics investing 5M€, 360imprimir and a third startup, not yet public, that has a relevant European VC investing on a team of Portuguese researchers linked to a large research center located in Portugal.

In total, the 3 agreements already concluded represents an investment of 30M euros with a contribution of the 200M Fund of around 11M €, which allows a relevant ratio of almost 1 to 2 between public and private capital.

Check bellow more information about applications submitted and the investors typology and nationality.